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Galaxy Warriors

Galaxy Warriors

“Take your Starship to fight! Cruise the Galaxy and shoot down formations of alien enemy fleets. Collect credits to upgrade your star fighter.Watch out for enemies shooting b [...]
Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic

Join Om Nom’s newest adventure and transform him into magical forms to help the lovable little monster recover candy stolen by an evil wizard! A magical mishap has accidentally tel [...]
FlapCat Christmas

FlapCat Christmas

Now things have become more difficult for FlapCat. In this special Christmas version of the hit Flap Cat, we bring a new level of difficulty: there are two reindeers guiding Flap C [...]


Fly and collect as many stars as you can to get your own high score
Zoobies Connect

Zoobies Connect

Mahjong Connect game with the funny Zoobies. Connect 2 of the same Zoobies to remove them. The connecting line cannot have more then two 90 degree angles.
Angry Sharks

Angry Sharks

The shark has been exposed to radiation and is now mutated. He floats in the sea and eats fishes. The more he eats, the more he grows. People are afraid of him and they are trying [...]

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Deadswitch 3 Deadswitch 3 is a fast-paced 2D multiplayer shoote [...]
Cross the Bridge In this fun game you must try to complete the path [...]
Combo Mester - Alchemy Pick and mix together as many elements as you can [...]
Castel War 3D Defeat the opponent by collecting the balls and ma [...]
Car Defender Play, Merge cars, and collect coins to Win Free Co [...]
Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax Captain Rogers is a hero defending the Galaxy. He [...]
Babel Tower You are building the Tower of Babel, that will rea [...]
1941 Frozen Front Lead German forces on the rise towards the East or [...]
Primary Math In game Primary Math, you are given mainly 40 leve [...]
Laser Box Laser is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offer [...]
MathBooster This is a free math game for every one. it is one [...]
Police Chase Police Chase is a turn-based action game. Use stra [...]
Domino Frenzy Shoot the Dominos to create huge chain reactions a [...]
Crazy Caves Dig into crazy depths with this new action-loaded [...]
Numbers in the City Find all the numbers hidden in the City in this HT [...]

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